Actor Sonu Sood has reacted to the Chandigarh University video leak incident,

urging people to be ‘responsible’ and stand behind the victims at this time.

In a tweet, the actor called the incident ‘very unfortunate’ and emphasised that

it was time everyone stood by the victims of the episode.

The incident involves the leaking of private videos of 60 girls from the university onto the internet recently,

which sparked protests at the varsity over the weekend.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning, Sonu wrote, “Something that happened in Chandigarh University is very unfortunate

It’s time for us to stand with our sisters and set an example of a responsible society.

Several appeals have been made to people to not circulate the said videos on social media or WhatsApp in order to not further harass the victims

Seemingly attributing to that, Sonu added, “These are testing times for us